Blessed by Mysterious Grace

Published by: Theosophical Publishing House, TS Adyar

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This autobiographical memoir records the experiences of a very unique individual who combines the best of the East and the West. He has profound expertise in diverse fields of Science, Philosophy and religious scriptures. He has not only made a deep study of these fields but also taught several courses at the university in each field for several years and published several books based on his own understanding of famous religious texts. He has talked all over the world about them. Not content with only the knowledge of these fields he has made several serious attempts at personally experiencing the spiritual truths and dimensions about which the sages speak, This has brought him into close contact with the teachings and the methods of meditation mentioned by sages like Gurdjieff, J.Krishnamurti, some Zen masters and others. I have found his discourses on all these teachings very lucid and they have inspired several of his students to pursue the esoteric quest for truth. It is rare to learn from such an individual about his personal life and quest. We are indeed grateful to him for sharing his first hand experiences and words of wisdom with the public through this memoir.

P.Krishna, Trustee, Krishnamurti Foundation India, Rajghat fort, Varanasi, India


Ravi Ravindra has written one of the great spiritual autobiographies of our time, vividly evoking significant conversations with his principal teachers - including the great Jeanne de Salzmann - and the precious insights they conveyed to him. The book is spiced with instructive and entertaining anecdotes about the many interesting people who have crossed his path. Above all, though, it is the story of a lifelong quest to answer the question: Who am I? Essentially, not at the level of the socially constructed ego. Readers are invited into a corresponding journey within themselves and are challenged to live a truly authentic life that makes a small contribution to the evolution of consciousness and life energy. To fall short in this task is to waste the precious gift of a human life. Truly inspiring and essential reading.

David Lorimer, Programme Director, Scientific and Medical Network.
Editor, Paradigm Explorer,  Chair, Galileo Commission


Ravi has been blessed to meet with not one but many “teachers” in the truest sense of the word. He diligently continues seeking what they were pointing to, on this fascinating journey.

Guru Prasad, Ex Resident Fead of  The Krotona Institute of Theosophy, Ojai, CA


How does one submit to the miraculous? Ravi Ravindra asks this question in this book. Again and again he receives help from and through many sages, who represent many religions. Again and again, he receives help from what he calls Mysterious Forces. This book tells us about his life; at the same time, it inspires us to search. Following his lead, we can be pilgrims, searching for Truth.

Barbara Wright George, author of Learning to Love: On the Way of Experience