Pilgrim Without Boundaries

Morning Light Press, Sandpoint, Idaho, U.S.A.2003.
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Sample Excerpt

Have You a Pilgrim Soul?

Those who seek the dimension not opposed to but different from that of time and achievement have a pilgrim soul. They seek to enter the dimension of eternity. Eternal life is not a life of endless duration, a time that lasts forever; it is a state of being in time, accompanied by the qualities of clear perception and love. The everlasting is not timeless. Anything that is everlasting is still in the dimension of time, whereas timelessness transcends this, for the category of time does not apply to.

To be a pilgrim is to be a searcher, a searcher for entry into the dimension of eternity. This cannot be known in the ways in which we know, it cannot be reached by the ways we have already understood. To set out on this journey, it is necessary to know that we do not know. This is not a celebration of ignorance, but of innocence, an openness to what is, a freedom from all that is known. This freedom is also a freedom from fear, for the simple reason that what is truly unknown can never be a source of fear. Fear is created by an imagined or expected loss of what we know. The unknown is a source of Mystery; the only feeling it can create is that of wonder. And fear and wonder cannot co-exist.

But this state of wonder is less frequently available than we wish; innocence is far too often, and far too much, sullied by cleverness and control-driven knowledge. It seems that we need to work at unknowing, to pay for owning nothing, and to make efforts to reach a state of effortlessness.

Excerpts from Reviews

Received a designation of ‘Book of Distinction’ from the Templeton Press.

"The entire interreligious dialogue community would do well to take Pilgrim Without Boundaries to heart. Future generations of pilgrims, following Ravindra's lead, must think and write and speak from a new set of givens, no longer simply from the monumentally encrusted identities of the great world religions (though we will ever be in their debt) but also from the new, yet no less profound, inner realities resulting from their genuinely cross-cultural and cross-traditional lives and spiritual quests." --Philip Novak, Professor of Philosophy and Religion, Dominican University in San Rafael, California; author of The World's Wisdom, and co-author with Huston Smith of Buddhism: A Concise Introduction.